The CHAMCAP CLUB is a Flemish club and association for the collectors of Champagne capsules. The club was founded in December 1998 by Bertine Speybrouck, out of love and fascination for the capsules. By now the club has grown to a proper association with more than 800 members. We organize about eleven exchange meetings a year for members and non-members. These meetings have become our hallmark, and are a unique opportunity to meet our fellow collectors, to talk, exchange, trade, compare,...

Apart from organizing our exchange meetings, we also have our own newsletter, published every 2 months. We also frequently organize tours and excursions to the Champagne area, and we also publish our own range of capsules, unique for the club.

On this site you will find more information about our club and our activities. And if you want to meet other collectors, swing by and pay a visit to one of our exchange meetings!

Are you also a placomusophilly enthusiast? Surf to 'become member' on this website and register today to become a full member of our growing and vibrant club!

Hope to see you soon!